Dentists are experts in dentistry and what lies beneath the curtain of the lips: the teeth.

A master dentist understands how the teeth, lips and muscles of the face interact to create a beautiful smile. Understanding facial anatomy is where a dentist’s training has an advantage in facial esthetics. As a DMD – Doctor of Dental Medicine – Dr. Frank knows how the decisions of today will affect your facial esthetics in the future, specifically in relation to function and longevity.

Dr. Frank’s philosophy and approach to caring for each patient has been founded on the facially generated treatment planning strategy, which incorporates the patient’s entire face into the design of his or her new smile. This esthetically driven process was originated by Dr. Frank Spear, who Dr. Frank has had the honor to learn from, work side-by-side with in his Seattle office and gone to help teach his courses as a visiting faculty member. This method can be thought of as working from the outside in, using the patient’s lips and entire face as the framework of the patient’s smile. Dr. Frank’s applies the 5-Step process of facially generated treatment planning to design every patient’s smile makeover.

Similar to working from the outside-in for your smile makeover, Dr. Frank is able to work from the inside-out for your facial renaissance, utilizing minimally invasive cosmetics procedures, like “Botox” and fillers. This inside-out method also encompasses the facially generated treatment planning structure, which starts with an examination of the dental components that influence and support the shape of the face, such as the skeletal substructure, teeth and muscles of face, which provides valuable information.

Dr. Frank was first introduced to the world of injectables when investigating treatment options for temporomandibular joint disorder. He was dissatisfied with the treatment outcomes of injectables until meeting Dr. Robert Gordon, who developed the lip classifications and 8 signature lip styles using the 3 RULES OF AESTHETICS. Dr. Frank has attended all of Dr. Gordon’s courses, personally training with him and now assists in teaching his courses sharing his knowledge and expertise. Like the 5-Steps to Your Smile Makeover, Dr. Frank has established the 5-Steps to Your Facial Renaissance. These 5 Steps follow and respect the 3 RULES OF AESTHETICS, with an ultimate goal to enhance natural beauty, rather than distort.

As a passionate practitioner, Dr. Frank is truly changing the face of dentistry. His innovative and creative combination of treatment planning from the outside-in and inside-out is breaking new ground. Practicing and incorporating esthetic treatments into the office has brought Dr. Frank’s dentistry to a higher level. Being able to understand the influence dentistry has to the face and the influence the face has to dentistry, enriches the treatment plan of your entire oral and facial health for today and the future. Come discover the difference and option to enrich the way you present yourself to the world.