Dear Dr. Frank

I am so happy to write you this letter, which is something I’ve wanted to do for many years. You’ve never felt like my dentist, even when you first started your practice and I was only fifteen. For me, coming to your office over the years has been like coming home, in a sense. I feel welcome and safe with the knowledge that you are the one taking care of me.

Over the past three years especially, I have considered myself extremely lucky and I am confident to have you work on what I consider to be “my new mouth.” After years of pain and constant issues with my mouth, I can now say that I feel free from that pain and the shame I used to feel about my teeth. What you and others have done is beyond amazing. My mouth presented a challenge that you took on with great care and assurance. It seems that at every appointment you have gained new knowledge. You always practice your art with passion and unbelievable knowledge and skill.

In all these years, I have never doubted your talent for dentistry. I have always had complete trust that whenever I sit in your chair, you will be able to fix the problem or make it the best it can be. With all my heart, thank you Dr. Frank. Thank you for not only restructuring my mouth but for being a friend and a support for me through lots of hardship. After all these years I can now eat pain-free and in comfort. When I receive compliments from people on how beautiful my smile is, I simply say thank you, Dr. Frank DiMauro is my dentist. I have the luckiest mouth in the world.

There is still work to be done in my mouth but I am not worried. I know that I am in the best hands possible. You have really helped change my life. Expressing my gratitude to you is a privilege.

Always your patient,

Stacie Swajian