Discover the benefits of sonic cleansing.

Clarisonic is an innovative skin cleanser for face and body that uses an oscillating brush to open the pores and remove dirt and debris from the skin. Clarisonic uses a patented technology developed by the lead inventor of the Sonicare toothbrush system. Similar to the effects of Microdermabrasion treatments in its powerful cleansing abilities, Clarisonic is gentle on skin, even when used as consistently as two times a day, unlike such treatments that can leave skin dry and sensitive. When used with Clarisonic Daily Cleanser, Clarisonic’s remarkable results are evident almost immediately.

The average person spends on 20 seconds cleansing daily. Clarisonic is clinically proven to eliminate six times the dirt, debris and makeup of manual cleansing. Clarisonic targets and alleviates excessive oil, patchiness, imperfections and discoloration while refining pore size and leaving skin soft and smooth. The Clarisonic system cleanses and exfoliates skin thoroughly by penetrating areas of the skin that manual cleansing methods just can’t reach. With Clarisonic, you’re able to achieve the clearer, healthier skin you’ve always dreamed of.