Constance has class 1 occlusion, normal over-jet with centrals slightly reclined and a small diastema.



Her canines are overly prominent based on their shape. This framing of the canines accentuates her lip.

IMG_8388Constance has an incompetent lip with a supra par relationship form presenting as a Cupid lip style.  Cupid lip styles are centered like a child, before the full growth of the dental arch.  Full growth of the dental arch thins the lip.  Brackets puncturing her lip, requiring sutures in an emergency room, traumatized her lip.  As a result, scars present in Zone 1C inverted and prominent, with Zone 2B deficient.  Normally, enhancing Zone C is not recommended.

Constance’s diastema was filled with bonding and the shape of her canines re-contoured.

IMG_2899Personalizing the lip style for Constance required augmenting with 0.1mL of Perlane, a Hyaluronic Acid, in Zone 2B, and low in Zone 3B to mimic presentation in Zone 1C. Hyaluronic Acid, commonly known as a filler, is a naturally occurring element in the human body. It has the ability to attract water, which allows it to maintain shape and volume. When injected into the lips, it acts as a displacer that fills a plane.

Immediate pictures post-augmentation show minimal swelling and trauma with Dr. Lips methods of placement.

Within one week, the patient has recovered and is comfortable with her enhanced Cupid lip style.  This is an example of using the Dr. Lips Method of lip enhancement lip with proper diagnosis, treatment planning and minimal treatment.