In today’s world, everyone is evaluating cost and fees, dentistry is not exempt.

Dentistry is not expensive, the lack of proper home care is.  The secret to healthy teeth and gums is not hidden.  Brush, after every meal, floss at least once a day and limit sweets, sugars and monitor acids.  Unfortunately, everyone is not perfect, that is why dentists are needed.


Dentists have the option to operate any type of practice they choose. Similar to restaurants, there are different levels of dental offices and all serve their purpose.

  • Level one  is a restaurant similar to McDonalds.  There is a number to order, you stand and place your order and bring your food to your bolted down chair.  These practices are efficient but not necessarily personalized service.  The hamburger is the same for everyone.  A similar dental office is a franchise chain that has changing dentists and staff.
  • Level two is a Restaurant similar to the Ninety Nine.  They have plastic menus, benches and a better burger.  This type of dental practice is a general dentist.  The needs are basic and focus on a tooth and basic care.
  • Level three is a higher quality restaurant similar to Legal Seafood, with waiter service a wine selection and steak prepared the way you like it.   It is similar to a family General Dentist that cares for the entire family and performs great general dentistry.
  • Level four is exceptional care with personalized professional service, similar to Capital Grill. The steak is presented and prepared individually.  This level of dental care is a low volume, high quality practice, that is not a “jack of all trades”. The focus is on treatment planning  and goals for your dental health.  It is a team approach including specialists to provide the highest level of personalized dental care.

I have personally worked in all levels of dental care.  I have continued my dental education at the Dawson Center, Piper Clinic, Pankey Institute and Spear Institute to provide the highest level of dental care.  I strive for a Level Four Dental Provider and Practice.

I offer dentistry for those who are not looking for a bargin or coupon for their dentistry, but those who want the highest level of personalized professional dental care. I will not compromise on quality and time.

Remember your best investment is your health.