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The television show Extreme Makeover has created a lot of interest in cosmetic dentistry. The before and after views of the extreme makeover have been impressive. Veneers are often the choice for instant orthodontics. Although the procedures look quick on television, planning and dental chair time for extreme dentistry takes time.

Planning includes study models, photographs, and x-rays. After gathering all the patients’ information, I meet with the specialists, orthodontist (braces), periodontist (implants and gums), oral surgeon (jaw), and endodontist (root canals), to review all your options for treatment.

At a consultation appointment I review all the options you have for dentistry. On a scale from 0 to 100, the closer you want to get a “100″ score the more work will be needed. Prior to starting treatment, a mock-up of the cosmetic procedures is demonstrated in the mouth.

When we start extreme dentistry, you will have to visit the dental lab for custom shade (color) taking. At the time of delivery, you have to return to the lab for custom staining. You will not leave the lab until you are 100% happy with your dentistry in all types of light. Sometimes veneers and crowns look different under sunlight, florescent light, and bulb light.

Fine tuning the bite and protecting your investment with a splint/night guard is often needed to achieve a stable and long lasting extreme makeover.

Sometimes our extreme makeovers take a few weeks, and sometimes 3-5 years. If we choose braces, they may take 1 – 2 years to idealize the bite. Implants take 4 to 6 months to heal prior to placing a crown/cap on them.

Working with you in a cooperative coordinated manner, we can achieve extreme makeovers to make us both proud of dentistry.

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