A crown is a restoration covering the entire prepared tooth. For the front teeth, all porcelain crowns eliminate the dark line associated with older porcelain to metal crowns. We encourage custom shading and staining of our crowns in conjunction with the Dental Laboratory, Advanced Dental Technologies. We strive to make our crowns to look like your teeth, so that no one will know you have a crown and last at least ten years. Whitening prior to making white crowns must be considered because crowns do not change color. For back teeth, porcelain to gold, and all gold are recommended based in a patient’s history of breakdown or grinding. Cerec crowns completed in one visit are an option now provided in our office.


The shows Extreme Make-over, and the Swan have generated a lot of interest in porcelain veneers. DAVINCI VENEERS are often the veneers shown. The DaVinci dental lab is featured on these shows. We are excited that our dental lab, Advanced Dental located in Stoneham MA, is associated with the DaVinci dental lab, and provides us with DaVinci veneers.

The great advantage of having the Advanced Dental Lab in Stoneham is the ability of the lab to customize your veneers for color and shape. You have the opportunity to visit the lab first to check the colors of your teeth for a custom shade. If needed, you will have a custom stain appointment in which the veneers are checked in different lights. These extra steps make the difference. The veneers will look natural to match your own teeth.

Often we are asked, “What is a veneer?”. A veneer is porcelain covering on the front and edge of your teeth. It requires less reduction of the enamel than crowns, with the inside and chewing side of the tooth usually left alone. Veneers do not discolor like bonding. The veneer strengthens weak tooth structure underneath. The veneer is also a great option for instant straightening of your smile or instant orthodontics.

I will provide you with all your options to enhance your smile. Veneers are an excellent choice to change your smile in usually two visits, and within two weeks.


Bridges are a non-removable option for replacing missing teeth. Teeth are prepared on either side of the missing tooth. Sometimes implants are not an option and a bridge may be the only solution to a missing tooth or space.