In the early 1950′s, a Swedish scientist named Per Ingva Branemark observed that titanium could bond with bone. He termed this process osseointergration. What began as a treatment for people with no teeth and little hope of normal function has now developed to benefit virtually any dental situation, including an anterior tooth replacement.


5 Steps to your Implants

Dr. Frank has incorporated implants in his dental work since he opened his practice in 1992. Dr. Frank designs his treatment plans with implants as an option to restore your smile. Working with a team of specialists, Dr. Frank restores the implant while a member of his team of specialists will place the implant.

  1. The implant is placed by the specialist where Dr. Frank has determined it will go.
  2. The implant is a titanium root which integrates to the bone. The implant has internal threads to receive the abutment.
  3. Dr. Frank works on the prototype for the CAD and CAM designed “Atlantis” abutment.
  4. The abutment mimics the shape of a tooth to help provide better fit and gum health.
  5. The crown is bonded to the abutment. Implant restorations will help complete your smile.