Step 1

Jay never liked his worn mismatched smile.  I approach dentistry from an artistic view. I have the ability to visualize the smile you deserve.

Step 2

During this step I draw my vision. The photograph allows me to examine and plan the treatment. I designed a more flowing, unworn smile.

Step 3

This is when I show the patient the final wax-up. Alterations in shape are addressed at this time. I then meet with a team of specialist to explore all the options for our treatment plan.

Step 4

Temporaries allow me to customize the treatment plan in the mouth. During the temporary stage, speech, chewing and shape are addressed. I want to address the color and refine the shape of the temporaries.

Step 5

By this time I have completed your case five times. First by visualizing, second by drawing, third with the wax-up, fourth by temporizing, and finally by cementing the bonding, crowns or veneers. Jay now has the confidence to smile.